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Celina Peters

Director of Programming
Provincial Coach In-Training


Celina is a Provincial In-Training Coach and has been coaching at the Cheam Skating Club 5 years. She began her skating journey at the Cheam Skating Club at 3 years old and has been on the ice ever since. She competed up to Pre-Novice and Gold Women in her skating career and in 2016 attended Synchro Nationals in Pre-Novice for Fraser Valley Synchro. Celina is currently attending UFV and pursuing a Bachelor of Kinesiology with a specialization in Active Health and a minor in Business Administration. Celina’s passion for skating has fueled her all these years as she continues to improve and develop her coaching. She aims to provide mentorship to help all skaters attain their goals.

Celina's additional Training and Certification

  • Code of Ethics: Coaches

  • Learn to Train and CPC

  • Regional Coach Pre-Course Training

  • Respect in Sport Activity Leaders

  • STAR 1-5 Assessor Training

  • STAR 1-5 Program Training

  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Artistic

  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Skills

  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Introduction

  • STAR 1-5 Seminar

  • Synchro Coach Development Seminar

  • Making Ethical Decisions

  • CANSkate Coach Workshop


Wiley Borg

CanSkate Coach In-Training

CanPowerSkate Coach In-Training 

Wiley is a CanSkate and CanPowerSkate In-training coach and has been coaching at Cheam Skating Club for a year.

He began his on ice journey at the age of 4 while growing up in Winnipeg playing hockey and playing ever since. He has been coaching hockey players of all ages for 10 years, however recently his passion for teaching the fundamentals and proper techniques of skating has pushed him to coaching outside of the hockey scene, and joining Cheam Skating club. 
He is excited to be working alongside the other coaches to help to grow the Cheam Skating club, and completing his certifications.

Sarah Steberl

Regional Certified Coach 

Sarah is a Regional Certified Coach and has been coaching with the Hope & District Skating 
Club for 5 years and alongside with the Cheam Skating Club for 2 years. She began skating 
with the Hope & District Skating Club at the age of 4 and has loved every minute of it. In her 
skating career Sarah competed up to the Novice level and Gold woman, along with achieving 
her Gold Skills, Gold Interpetive, Gold FreeSkate, and Diamond Dance tests. 

Sarah’s passion for coaching is not only helping skaters achieve their goals but being active for 
life and to give back the joy and love for skating she has developed over the years.

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