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Star Skate

Professional Ice Skater

Once a skater has completed our Jr. Academy program, they may start taking lessons with a coach. The Cheam Skating Club offers our skaters: Freeskate, Stroking, Spin Patch, Skills, and Dance Sessions. Coaches offer private and group lessons, teaching all the disciplines. It is up to the parent to contact a Club Coach of their choice and make arrangements for these lessons. Gloves and proper skating attire is mandatory on all sessions.


Once the skater has a Coach, parents and skaters meet with the Coach and discuss the days and times the skater wishes to skate, and the number and type of lessons the Coach is able to provide.


Coaching fees are included in the cost of registration.


We accept students who would like to skate with our Club that have done municipal or school skating, skaters transferring from another club, and new skaters that would like to join our club. If you have any questions, please email the Cheam Skating Club at


Completion of Jr. Achiever Group.


All ages gloves and proper skating attire.

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